Brian Bosworth - Former - Go Sooners Go

Brian Bosworth

"The Boz!"

The image of Brian Bosworth in association with Sooners football is one of a rebel, someone bent on bucking the normal way of playing linebacker. With his unique hair styles, and even more unique personality, "The Boz" was OU's version of the Tazmanian Devil, buzzing from one side of the field to the other to make the key tackle of a series. Not overly blessed with great talent, he made up for such with unbriddled enthusiasm. From 1984 to 1986, Brian reached the following goals -

The Seattle Seahawks drafted Bosworth in the Spring of 1987, and he played for the team for three seasons, before having to retire due to a severe shoulder injury. Today, he is a man content to enjoy life with his family, and he stays connected to the college game by serving as an analyst for the TBS network's regional coverage of college football.